The COVID-19 crisis and gender equality in Finland


  • Anna Elomäki Tampere University
  • Merita Mesiäislehto THL


gender equality, crisis management, policy, welfare, COVID-19, Finland


This article assesses the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on gender equality in Finland, based on the findings of a research project funded by the government’s analysis, assessment and research activities. Finland provides an interesting case, as in some respects it could be argued to represent the best-case scenario. The article shows that the employment and social impacts of the crisis were gendered, and that the crisis made visible long-term gender equality problems in the Finnish society. The article suggests that the impacts on gender equality were nevertheless relatively small and short term. The lightness of the restriction measures, high levels of gender equality, and the Finnish welfare state contributed to this outcome, even if the protection provided by these factors was not complete. Despite the Finnish government’s commitment to advancing gender equality, the adopted recovery and support measures were not particularly gender sensitive.




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Elomäki, A., & Mesiäislehto, M. (2022). The COVID-19 crisis and gender equality in Finland. Finnish Journal of Social Research, 15, 63–72.