Finnish education system as seen from an Indonesian perspective


  • Ratih Adiputri University of Jyväskylä


Finnish education system, Indonesia, society, sustainable future, life skills, culture, perspective


The aim of this paper is to discuss the Finnish education system from an Indonesian perspective, and consider what citizens, notably from middle-income countries, may learn from the Finnish system. The source material is the author’s book, which provides an Indonesian perspective on the Finnish education system, supplemented by discussions from webinars and weekly Instagram Live discussions on the topic. It is known that education is part of a country’s culture, thus the Finnish education system cannot simply be implemented as such in another place. Yet there certainly are elements that can be adopted to the local culture, in this case, in Indonesia. The different models of education in Finland and Indonesia are compared to conclude with lessons that we can learn from Finland, notably regarding a sustainable future and the possibility of learning simple daily life skills.



2021-12-01 — Updated on 2021-12-22

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Adiputri, R. (2021). Finnish education system as seen from an Indonesian perspective. Finnish Journal of Social Research, 14, 65–72.