Men’s work-related self-care in the Finnish media


  • Henri Hyvönen University of Helsinki


gender, health, self-care, media, men, working life


Individual responsibility for health at work has been a central point of interest in recent studies of working life. This article contributes to that discussion by considering the role of the media in gendering individual responsibility and the meanings of work-related health in Finnish society. It takes a critical look at media representations of men’s work-related self-care. The data comprises 30 texts collected from the Finnish media in spring 2016. The analysis reveals three discourses – Exemplariness, Expertise and Suspiciousness – and shows how they construct ideal ways of being a man in working life. They depict work as a necessary part of life for men. Self-care practices that aim to either maintain endurance or increase performance at work are presented in a favorable light. However, personal wellbeing is portrayed as secondary to productivity. The article concludes with a discussion on the broader implications of the persistent discursive interrelation of men and work for men’s social role.




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Hyvönen, H. (2019). Men’s work-related self-care in the Finnish media. Finnish Journal of Social Research, 12, 7–22.