Conflicting discourses — Social constructions of corruption in Finland


  • Catharina Groop Åbo Akademi University


corruption, anti-corruption policy, discourse analysis, Finland


The Nordic countries are generally regarded as beacons of anti-corruption. This perception also applies to Finland, where corruption is said to be conspicuous by its absence. The article at hand, however, conveys a more nuanced picture of corruption in Finland. It delves into opinions submitted during the formulation of the Finnish anti-corruption strategy, identifying two conflicting corruption-related discourses. The analysis shows that corruption is a contested concept and that views on corruption prevalence and the need for anti-corruption measures vary greatly within the national context. The article illustrates the struggle between national corruption discourses, arguing that such discourses and their overall context should be analysed thoroughly if corruption efforts are to be grounded in their setting and successful. This is the case regardless of context and thus applicable also to countries perceived as “clean and honest”.




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Groop, C. (2021). Conflicting discourses — Social constructions of corruption in Finland. Finnish Journal of Social Research, 14, 45–63.